What we've been up to...

We first began expanding our audiovisual production with The Daughters' Project in 2020. Since then, with your support, we've been able to upgrade a lot of equipment, commit more sisters to this work, and have slowly but surely begun producing new content. It's no longer a "project," but has become an integrated and essential part of our ministry. We have some big plans and ideas, which will only be increasing in number and quality over the next few years!

See a few samples of what you've helped us do below!

Dare to Dwell Cover image: an illustration of a sister with a microphone in front of stained glass

Dare to Dwell:
A Podcast with the Daughters of St. Paul

Over 100,000 downloads!

The first 50 episodes of our podcast have been downloaded over 100,000 times in 105 countries! In these past four seasons of the podcast, we've talked about the beauty of Catholic femininity, the Saints, the Sacramental Worldview, and encountering the love of God through his Word.

promotional image for nuns react. Three sisters in front of a neon sign.

Nuns React Video Series

"Nuns React" follows the reaction genre popular on YouTube, where YouTubers record themselves reacting to films, songs, or short videos. Discover the Lord present in surprising places: in popular films and social media!

Bible Stories with Sr Allison Regina

Bible Read-Alouds for Littles

Learn about the life of Jesus with Sr. Allison Regina, as she reads Bible stories from the magical library featured in her book, The Book that Changed Everything, available from Pauline Books and Media.

Scripture Minute Series

Bringing the Sunday Mass readings and a brief reflection to all your favorite short-form video platforms. From Instagram Reels to YouTube Shorts and TikTok, we're helping people to encounter the Word of God wherever they happen to scroll.

Mysterion Study Series

We worked with Fr. Harrison Ayre, author of the book Mysterion: The Revelatory Power of the Sacramental Worldview, to create a video series discussing the beauty, power, and call of the Christian worldview. Register here for a link and special code to download the full series for free!


"Learning to pray with Scripture in S4 of the podcast was so beautiful. I really love your one-minute scripture videos too. They are perfect for people new to the faith to digest. Just like the early Christians who would travel miles to the desert to be nourished by a word from the desert fathers, I am coming to these to help deepen my faith!"
- Instagram Message

"Thank you, Sisters! You've inspired me to read the Bible every night."
- Patreon Subscriber

"Your podcast has helped my prayer life so much. The Daughters of St Paul have helped me find my faith."
- Instagram Message