Pray the Rosary for Parenting Littles

The Joyful Mysteries

by Kelsey Gillespy

Author of In the Trenches:
Finding God Through Parenting Littles

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About the Rosary for Parenting Littles

"For so long, I thought I had to remove myself from the noise and chaos of life—from the noise and chaos of my family—in order to find Jesus. But, thank goodness, we have a God who not only will meet us in the mess, but wants to encounter us there." —Kelsey Gillespy

Join Kelsey Gillespy, mother of five and author of In the Trenches: Finding God Through Parenting Littles, in praying the Joyful Mysteries just as you are, wherever you are, however exhausted you are. Because that's right where God is waiting for you.

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About In the Trenches

Being a mom can be hard. Exhausting. Lonely, even. In the trenches of motherhood, you may feel like you never get a break. But what if the daily grind of raising kids could actually help you grow closer to God and discover your truest self? Through humorous stories and poignant prayer reflections, Kelsey Gillespy, a mother of five, shares insights and tips on finding God and nurturing your spiritual life through the chaos and beauty of raising littles.

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"Kelsey Gillespy's book is like a warm cup of cocoa for the weary mother's soul."

—Jennifer Fulwiler

Standup comic and bestselling author

"I found myself laughing and crying through the chapters.... I would highly recommend this book to all moms wanting faithful encouragement in motherhood."

—Alex DeRose

Instagrammer and blogger for

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