Discernment 101

Saturday morning talks, prayer, & community

with the Daughters of St. Paul to explore God's will for your life


Discernment 101 is a series of talks, prayer opportunities, and community facilitated by the Daughters of St. Paul to help you grow in your relationship with God and discern how God is inviting you to live out the gift of who you are in the world.

We meet one Saturday a month on Zoom from 10:30–12:00 Eastern Time for a talk and small group discussion. We cover topics like prayerful decision making, interior freedom, prayer and relationship with God, and more. Register below to be added to our email list for the latest updates and meeting schedule!

This series is open to single Catholic women between the ages of 16 and 33. If you are under 18, permission from a parent or guardian is required to attend. Please register below to receive a permission form.

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Questions? Email Sr. Emily Beata at vocations@paulinemedia.com. God bless you!

Fall 2023 Schedule


Growth, Not Perfection

A Holistic Approach to Discernment

Interior Freedom

Becoming Ourselves in Christ

God's Will vs. My Desires?

The Role of Desire in Discernment

Pray, Choose, Act

Living the Fruits of Discernment