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We are #MediaNuns. We are #OnTheMove.

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Saint Paul traveled to the ends of the earth to proclaim the Gospel. He formed many communities of faith around the word he preached, and radically followed God’s call to go forth bringing the Gospel wherever it needed to be proclaimed. Constantly on the move, geographical boundaries never stopped Saint Paul from continuing to develop his relationships with friends and collaborators. We are inspired by his example to do the same.  


As Daughters of St. Paul, we are missionary sisters sent forth in the spirit of Saint Paul to serve the Church and bring Christ to the world through the most effective means of communication. Globally, there are over 1,900 Media Nuns serving in over 50 countries.  


Here in the U.S. and Toronto, our 120 sisters live and minister in 13 physical locations. We reach millions of people across the world via digital communications. And still we hear the ongoing call of the Lord to respond to the multitudes who do not yet know Jesus Christ.  


We have been touched by the transforming love of God. This love impels us to creatively communicate Christ in all we say and do. Through our religious consecration, the Lord sends us forth as writers, artists, speakers, teachers, musicians, editors, administrators, audio and video producers, and more. Led by the Spirit, we use our gifts to creatively present the Gospel through personal interaction, digital and printed word, podcasts, social media, and music. Today's means of communication offer us tremendous opportunities to invite people to find and live out a relationship with Jesus Christ in every aspect of their daily lives.  


We are reconfiguring our presence across the U.S. and Toronto to mobilize our Sisters for new and diverse pastoral opportunities with in-person and online outreach. We are committing to: 

  • Rededicating ourselves to excellence in publishing and content creation 
  • Transforming our existing book centers into more dynamic centers of evangelization 
  • Growing our digital platforms with visionary, relevant, and pastoral content to extend the message of the Gospel to a broader audience 
  • Fostering a culture of Christian communication, so that the baptized can live out their call to share Christ with others 


To fulfill these commitments, we will be moving from the locations of Honolulu, Hawaii; Chicago, Illinois; Charleston, South Carolina; and San Antonio, Texas. We recognize that our departure will leave a void. While we will be closing the physical locations in these areas, we intend to collaborate with the local bishops to open up new pathways where the Daughters of St. Paul will continue to minister. We will keep lines of communication open and engage the local Church through our digital presence, lay cooperators, traveling in-person ministry and creative outreach that reflects our charism and attracts more people to Jesus and the Sacraments.  


To say we will miss these communities is an understatement. They are—and will continue to be—part of our family. We are grateful to those who welcome, support, and collaborate with us in our mission of evangelization. From the beginning of our presence in the U.S. and Toronto, their support and prayers have made it possible for us to live out our radical call to evangelize the culture. We are eager to partner with those who share in our missionary spirit to make Christ known.  


Our Pauline charism, a true gift of the Spirit, thrives and bears spiritual fruit. Throughout the decades that we’ve conducted our ministry, Pauline communities have formed that include promised Pauline Cooperators. These lay men and women personally commit to live the Pauline spirituality and mission; along with our dedicated friends and volunteers, they are missionaries on the ground. The Daughters of St. Paul will continue to collaborate with and support these Cooperators to carry out their discipleship. 


The radical call to be missionaries in the footsteps of Saint Paul helps all of us to truly live in union with the people we serve, who are experiencing shifts, changes, and migrations to new territories. In our Baptism, the Lord calls us all to be apostles who move in the freedom of the Spirit of God, unbound by the confinements of our time. We affirm this new day of God. We wholeheartedly embrace this new outpouring of the Spirit.  


We are #MediaNuns.  

We are #OnTheMove.  

Join us. 

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